1960 Singer 500a Rocketeer Sewing Machine
Portland, Oregon

 September 27, 2019 ,  October 3, 2019

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1960 Singer 500a Rocketeer Sewing Machine with original manual.

These were made in the 1960’s and were one of the last models of Singer Sewing machines to be made entirely of metal. The engines on the 500a are enough to impress even the NASCAR sewing fans, if there are any of you out there. Its sleek futuristic design and name “The Rocketeer”, shows Singer’s concept that the Slant O Matic was the sewing machine for the sixties.

When they were first produced the Slant O Matic 500a Rocketeer sold for a few hundred dollars, even now they fetch quite a bit on the ebay and antiques markets. The original price and maintained value are a few signatures of the quality Singer put into this model. This sewing machine is heavy duty and built for a hundred years of service.

Threading Instructions

To be able to use the Singer 500a with its many stitch settings, you must first thread it. The thread goes up top here. Turn the hand wheel to raise the needle to its highest point.
Pull the thread through this loop then down toward the thread control.
Pull the thread through the thread control, like this. The thread control is located above the tension. It ensures a smooth flow of thread from the spool to the needle, eliminating spool weight and drag.
Pull the thread through the different loops in the tension, then up through the moving arm and down into the outer loop.
Pull the thread down through these hooks then thread the needle from front to back and pull the thread to the back left of the machine.
Open the plate and raise the presser foot. Insert the wound bobbin into its place, turn the hand wheel, the needle will dip down and pull a loop of thread from the bobbin. Pull that loop to the back left of the machine and you are done threading. It is time to start sewing. What will you make?

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