Keurig B50 1500 watt single cup brewing system
Anchorage, Alaska

 September 21, 2019 ,  October 3, 2019

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The Keurig B50 is a 1500 watt single cup brewing system. The system uses K-Cups so you don't have to worry about grinding beans or measuring grounds. Let's take a look at some of the other features offered by this used brewing system.

This Keurig B50 gives you the choice between two brew sizes. They include 5.25-ounce and 7.25-ounce brews. If you have a large travel mug, you can brew two K-Cups consecutively so that you can fill it up. The Keurig B50 also features a visual indicator so that you know exactly what stage the unit is during the brewing cycle.

The Keurig B50 is also equipped with a 48-ounce water reservoir. The unit keeps the water in the reservoir hot so that it's always ready to brew. The brewer can have your cup ready in less than a minute. The water reservoir is removable so that you can refill it easily. The Keurig B50 can hold enough water to brew about six cups of coffee before you will need to refill the water reservoir.

This brewing system also features a digital display for easy control. You can also program the timer to have a cup of coffee waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. However, the Keurig B50 only takes less than a minute to brew a cup, so you probably won't be using the timer to brew coffee that much. You will also like how easy the unit is to maintain. The Keurig B50 is equipped with a stainless drip tray that you can remove for easy clean up.

As mentioned earlier, this used Keurig B50 is designed to brew using K-Cups. There are many different types of K-Cups available for you to use to make tea and coffee. The Keurig B50 brewing system is packaged with a variety pack of 18 K-Cups. This will provide enough of a sample so that you can see which brand you like best.

If you're looking for a quality brewing system, you should consider buying this used Keurig B50. It can brew cups in two different sizes including 5.25 and 7.25 ounces. The Keurig B50 is also equipped with a 48-ounce water reservoir that keeps water hot so that the unit can brew a cup in less than a minute.

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