Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Café Latte Maker
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Lightly used Mr. Coffee Café Latte Maker Model #BVMC-EL1 in like new working condition.

Who wouldn't love having a coffee latte out, they're so frothy and tasty. But that indulgence can be costly, given the price of most coffee shop lattes. Enter the Mr Coffee Café Latte Maker - a small brewer designed to heat the milk and froth it, while your coffee or espresso is brewing. And it's not limited to coffee lattes; you can make a tea latte too or hot cocoa with loads of froth. So no hogging this compact little fun machine because the rest of the family will want to use it too.

Product Description:

Mr. Coffee Café Latte Maker Model BVMC-EL1
Automatic Latte Cycle
Auto shuts off when cycle complete
Two settings: Brew/Heat/Froth and Heat/Froth
Make a coffee latte, tea latte, hot chocolate - recipes included
24oz. Capacity glass pitcher
Brews the coffee while heating and frothing milk for a delicious latte
Built-in frother is easily removed for cleaning

Out of the box, this latte maker is much smaller (10"D x 6"W x 14"H) than expected and cute as a button. You can make one or two servings with ample froth and mine were 10 oz goblets, which I find pretty good. There's a nice variety of recipes and you can clearly customize at will, but the Classic Latte Recipe is the one I kept going back to.

Occasionally I added cinnamon, nutmeg, a little chocolate syrup and sometimes vanilla. Also drizzled chocolate or caramel syrup on top, but definitely need practice making the toppings look professional. Looks aside, it's taste that really counts.

Operation is quite simple really. Milk and sweetener goes into the carafe and coffee/espresso goes in the filter on top. You use substantially more coffee than you would when brewing regular coffee, mainly because of all the milk, but you can adjust to your preference. Turn the machine on and it starts up the frothing and heating of the milk mix. After a few seconds, the coffee brews into it.

Frothing continues through the entire cycle and for a few seconds after. You'll need either a permanent or paper filter - 4-cup size basket style filters. There's very few included and you'll definitely want to get this machine working as soon as you get it home. If you're desperate, you can cut down regular size basket filters.

As for taste, I find lattes made with this machine very comparable with the expensive ones I buy out. There's a generous amount of froth, which tends to vary with the type of milk or dairy substitute. As noted in the manual, whole milk makes less froth than lower-fat milk. I tried 10% cream and that made hardly any froth, but a richer beverage. The best with ample froth is 2% milk or lower fat content. I cut sugar down considerably, which is easy to do and does not affect frothing.

The Café Latte allows you to easily use alternatives for diary and sweetening. When I think of a latte out, I can't help but worry about the calorie count. Making it at home with this little brewer, you can make a lower calorie version with a few substitutions and it still turns out awesome.

When it comes to sweetener, I often used honey. However, if you put the honey at the beginning in with the milk, it tends to stick to the bottom of the carafe when heated. I preferred to make the latte, pour it, then add honey and give it a quick stir. Almond milk also works well for a calcium-rich, low calorie non-dairy substitute, which rendered a good amount of froth and enhanced flavor.

Surprisingly, this Café Latte Maker delivers a very hot beverage. Use care when drinking since the froth on top isn't as hot, which can be deceiving. Tea lattes and hot cocoa turn out really nice with this machine. There's no brewing with hot cocoa, everything goes into the carafe and use the Heat & Froth setting. Hot and flavorful with a nice froth on top.

Overall Impression

For the avid espresso latte lovers out there, note that the Café Latte does not use steam to froth or brew, but rather a drip process and whisking action. So someone who is used to brewing under pressure with steam will probably notice a definite taste difference of lattes made with this unit and those made with a more sophisticated machine. But for the rest of us, this latte machine is perfect.

I'm not a lover of strong espresso, so this kind of latte is more to my liking. This affordable brewer delivers a very nice latte that you can make as bold or light as you want, in a simple to operate automated process without taking a large amount of counter space. I think many would find it very comparable to coffee shop blends - flavor without the expense or complicated process.

I did explore the idea of using this Cafe Latte Maker for making coffee for one or two when not used for lattes. That's not really a good idea. Though you can remove the frother, the heater in the base under the carafe heats up when you turn it on. That means heating with nothing in the carafe, until it starts brewing. If you decide to try this, make sure you have a little milk/cream in the carafe, to not overheat an empty pot. This unit is designed for making lattes and it's really good at it. It definitely earned a spot beside my regular coffee maker. Guests love it too.

As for cleaning, it should be done immediately after use (before you enjoy that latte) and only takes a minute or two. There's a small motor in the lid assembly (for the frother) and the carafe connects to a heater in the base, so the carafe and lid have to be handwashed without immersing in water, which means more care when cleaning. The brew filter basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, when you factor in performance, savings and the convenience of making your own cheap and custom lattes at home, the cleaning part can seem pretty minor.

Mr. Coffee's Café Latte Maker works as advertised, delivers very nice lattes and has a small footprint. And you can customize your lattes to suit your preference which is very convenient for those on restricted diets or who must use dairy or sugar substitutes. This is definitely a fun little brewer everyone will radiate to. I highly recommend it. It would also make a very nice gift for latte lovers on your gift list or a welcome wedding gift. Also an awesome compact appliance for a dorm room or to indulge in the RV.

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